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Fai precision machinery4The big advantage

Precision machinery parts

Twenty years

20Years of experience in mechanical processing

Twenty years experience in metal machinery parts processing production,Have 2 d、3 d、The structure design of high technical talents,One-stop production,Can be customized to mass production。Precision machined fasteners with excellent performance,Fast installation,Fine beautiful appearance and stable structure and so on


High-end processing machinery and testing equipment

The company has from Japan、Taiwan、South Korea buys high precision machine tools and testing equipment.Now hasCNCMachining center、Numerical control lathe、Milling machine、Grinding machine、Wire cutting、Nc sawing machine、Drilling machine、Multiple spindle tapping machine and other advanced and sophisticated equipment,Make sure to customers to provide quality、High precision processing hardware accessories and other products。


The process technology of leading peers

Industry-leading hardware accessories processing custom process and equipment,Elaborate design、High-end machinery company does not regularly arrange technical team to Japan for technical study and communication。


The efficient and fast service system

Can undertake sheet、Small batch of r&d structure processing business,Provide door to door of surveying and mapping、Design services;After processing can be door-to-door。For clients to build proprietary hardware accessories processing data,And keep on file。

Hardware accessories processing team
Tak fai precision machinery parts processing factory

Fai precision machinery

Shenzhen tak fai precision machinery co., LTDIs one specialized is engaged in machinery spare parts manufacturing enterprise,Widely used in precision machinery parts and components、Communications antenna parts、Camera equipment parts processing、Cable connector hardware accessories、Electronic hardware fittings、Automation control equipment spare parts、Plastic accessories processing production

News and information

04 2019-04

When hardware fittings of choose and buy should pay attention to what matters?

The current hardware accessories can be seen everywhere in our life,But there are many friends ask small make up exactly what problem should note in the choose and buy hardware accessories,Tak fai precision below small make up to simple introduce with you。

04 2019-04

Precision hardware accessories have characteristics?

With the development of social industry,Precision hardware fittings are fair,More and more industries use precision hardware fittings,What about precision hardware fittings have characteristics?

04 2019-04

Hardware accessories products how to maintenance?

At present a lot of places are used to hardware accessories products,Such as cars、Computer and other places,But a lot of friends do not know how to maintain hardware accessories products,Tak fai precision below small make up to introduce with you。

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